Current Outlook

who we are

We are a marketing, communications and branding agency, specializing in building valuable brands. This is our mission. We are passionate about building and revitalizing brands. We know that the brand is the only asset that companies with good management, constantly reassess.

We are a group of specialists in these disciplines that have a vast experience of over 27 years of building, launching and revitalizing successful brands.

Our Mission and Vision:

"We build brands that generate value."

We pass the DNA of the entrepreneur to their brands, from the brands to their companies and from the companies to enterprises around the world.

Who are the ones that
make things happen?

Our value chain consists of intelligent and dynamic processes managed by a team of experts that from the beginning of the relationship with our customers add their expertise, knowledge and talent. Our formula works based on teams operating under a dynamic organizational matrix-based scheme which molds itself to the needs of each project they are assigned to.

We are a team of 40 professionals, marketers, anthropologists, communications specialists, psychologists, graphic designers, web programmers, producers and administrators among our main areas of expertise.

Why large companies are those with big brands...

Currently, in large companies and international forums, there is much talk of BRAND VALUE. Every year we look forward to the list of the "top ten" that comes out in FORTUNE megazine or the international consulting agency INTERBRAND on the financial value of the big brands. Every day we hear how these companies and their brands, compete on the stock market with the purchase and sale of their shares.

There is already a list of Mexico's most valuable brands on the market published by the journal EXPANSION. But the big questions that entrepreneurs with small and medium enterprises have are; Can I have a valuable brand? How did these large companies do it? Is having a brand like that only for multinational companies? For what should I have a valuable brand if my priorities lie elsewhere?

Sure you can and should invest in your brand. It’s just a matter of refocusing the strategy of your organization and starting to consider that your brand can be valuable as of today! I dare to say with absolute confidence that "the size of your company doesn’t matter". What really matters is the attitude and strategic approach of the entrepreneur to build one of the most important assets of the company that eventually may become the most valuable to you and your partners.

Why do big companies have big brands ...? Because they have understood this!

Director General de BrandQuo Jesús Mejía
Managing Director of BrandQuo