To explain what we are...
first we’ll tell you what
we’re not

We are in the marketing industry, the business of persuasion. In this industry, business models compete, such as brand design offices, advertising and graphic design agencies, media centers, agencies specializing in e-marketing and social networking as well as market research agencies, and production and public relations offices, among others.

In BrandQUO®¡
of these business models...!

In BrandQUO®, we take some aspects of these models and specialties and create OUR OWN MODEL whose central axis is BRAND MANAGEMENT. We have an innovative model in the industry which also "makes sense" for our customers because it targets their needs for comprehensive brand management but, above all, we do it strategically.

We are


We are a company that builds new brands or revitalizes existing brands. We use our own methodology (VUM®) whose main objective is to capitalize upon research, design, communication with markets and constant assessment that the brand needs in its management to GENERATE VALUE for the consumer as well as the owner.