What is a Brand?

A trademark is a symbol which consumers associate with thoughts, ideas, myths or sensations that go beyond the intrinsic value of goods and services.

It is a set of promises which involves trust, consistency and a defined set of expectations.

It is very important to build a powerful brand, as it can become the most valuable company asset.

The importance
of the brand

How is a brand built?

In BrandQuo® we use our branding model (Value up Model), this model is the result of research, prestige and years of experience which back up our consulting firm.

Our model consists of FIVE MODULES ranging from strategic brand analysis to the follow-up and monitoring of implemented actions.

  1. Brand CHECK-UP (Brand diagnosis)
  2. Brand ID (Brand identity)
  3. Brand SENSE (Brand application)
  4. Brand COM (Persuasion Strategy of the Brand)
  5. Brand TRACK (Continuous Assessment of the brand)

What is a Branding program?

It is a process of research and strategic development by means of which creating and building a brand is achieved.

For more information contact:
Ana Bonet Corrales

What is a Brief?

It is a document made by the client so that BrandQuo® knows in detail the characteristics of the market and the company that it is going to work with.

In short, it is a document containing the information needed to build the brand.

What is the importance of building a good brand?

  • You can make the leap from 'I know that brand' to 'that brand is for me'. THE LOVE OF A BRAND...
  • So that the relationship with the brand does not end after the purchase
  • Creating a good experience, the brand is not forgotten
  • The experience can be so powerful that it withstands criticism

How does this apply to my company

In BrandQuo® we specialize in branding so our branding model is perfectly suited to any type of company and product

Why is BrandQuo® the best choice?

Because we are pioneers, leaders and experts in consulting brand building. In BrandQuo® we have a group of professionals in marketing and communications specialized in building winning brands.

Our competitive advantage lies in our proven METHODOLOGY and the experience gained in over 25 years of service in strategic consulting.

What are the benefits of BrandQuo®?

  • A powerful brand based on a winning identity.
  • A brand identity with an attractive and coherent image.
  • A perfect convergence between rational and emotional brand attributes.
  • Application of sensory attributes to the brand
  • Increased value to your brand: 'Is looking to tell a story with the audience, rather than tell a story to the audience. Simply put, participate, don’t advertise '.
  • Allows you to provide a unique experience by way of your brand: 'What the brand is, you learn from the experience, not from the advertising'.